DELTA NZ TRANS, spol. s.r.o.
Nové Zámky
Komárňanská cesta 13,
940 48 Nové Zámky,
Slovenská republika.

DELTA NZ TRANS Zasielateľstvo

Courier services and services to pharmaceutical sector

Company Delta-NZTrans spol. s r.o. provides transport of materials with limited expiry that request suitable temperature conditions.
Our company provides international services appointed to pharmaceutical industry and related sectors.
We will contact directly hospitals and doctors assigned with clinical studies and we will organize complet transport and dispatching of consignments with cool dry ice, blood samples, blood plasma etc.

We offer services:

Regardless to whether the infectious or non-infectious samples are concerned, haulage by road transport or air-way, we will deliver your consignments as fastest as possible and on time.

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