DELTA NZ TRANS, spol. s.r.o.
Nové Zámky
Komárňanská cesta 13,
940 48 Nové Zámky,
Slovenská republika.

DELTA NZ TRANS Zasielateľstvo

Warehouse logistics

In form of outsourcings, in-house logistics and external warehouses

Warehouse and distribution logistics

Do you need to warehouse, re-warehouse, pack, or select the goods or provide distribution?

We dispose of warehouse space with extent 1900 m2.

Our warehouse space provides:

approach for every kind of vehicles
providing with signaling device
precise agenda of stored commodities
security of warehouse space

Quality logistics is condition for saving costs mainly in non-producing activities, that necessarilly go along with every production of the goods or services.

Company that has quality logistics has a competitive advantage on the market.
Workmen of company Delta-NZTrans spol. s r.o. make up for its clients practical conditions for optimalization, coordination and synchronization of activities in the logistics field.

Delta-NZTrans spol. s r.o. gains ground at logistics market by means of indicator, as are:

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